Business Bestie Coaching Program

We know, firsthand, that being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs-and the downs can be brutal, You're here because you're tired of the struggle, right? So, let's change it up! Developing a strong business strategy to manifest your vision for the whole organization is key. No matter the size of your company setting clear goals, direction, and identifying your mission are critical factors in your overall success. First, we will assess your entire company from top to bottom. we'll look at your existing business goals and even determine if your business is as profitable as it could be. We'll then create a custom-designed strategy plan based on your specific needs.

Being held accountable for your choices, achievements, and actions is vital in both your personal and business life. We will strengthen your current business model and strategy through coaching and regular check-ins.
  • Initial 1-hour deep dive session to clarify your business vision and goals
  • Private 30-minute accountability check-ins to keep you on track
  • Unlimited email check-in's and support to encourage you along the way
  • Robust schedule of coaching calls offered throughout the month